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Welcome to my travel blog! I’m glad you’re here. I’ll be posting updates about my experiences of exploring the world…and beyond (that is, of course, assuming I eventually get the opportunity to travel to outer space).

My first opportunity to do this will be when I travel with Microsoft from May 19 to June 6th, to New York City, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Chicago, and of course, Seattle. During the weekends, I’ll be able to visit family in San Diego, and my friend Whitney Chen in Toronto, ON, Canada.


I received this opportunity via Presenter Group, a Microsoft vendor which focuses on providing trainings, demonstrations, and other services to Microsoft. I got acquainted with the owner, Jared Marino, about a month ago while seeking a job opportunity to help him with Presenter Group’s website. Before our second meeting started, he told me that a special opportunity had come up, and asked me whether or not I’d like to travel the country presenting devices with Microsoft. I was thrilled at the proposition and eagerly accepted, and had the opportunity to meet Lillian Eng, Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft. Following our meeting, I was given non-disclosure agreements to sign, and was welcomed to the team.

Leaks and NDA

Now to respect Microsoft and its partners, I will be dutifully asking permission before I post anything on this site. I will not be posting anything here that compromises any agreements I’ve made,  rather I will dedicate these posts to sharing what I can about my traveling experience and the people I meet.

Brief Disclaimer

Anything posted on this site is my own and in no way reflects the views or opinions of any of my employers, including but not limited to Microsoft and Presenter Group.


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