Name: Owen

Demographic: Man in his mid-twenties, a developer for Windows Phone who loves the Metro UI design language. He is engaged and is employed at Microsoft. A bit materialistic but he is developing a compassion for people and desire to make software that is easy to use.

As they look: He’s paying attention to the aesthetic of the website, how it looks, how it feels, how closely it embodies the Windows Phone interface. They’re looking for design elements that are new and modern, innovative layouts and interfaces. He’s looking for what’s sticking out, what’s different than the rest. As a fan of Metro UI, those are things he constantly looks for.

Feelings: Generally happy, pleased at the new take on a metro design for a WordPress website, including the people live tiles and Windows Phone icons for page navigation. It inspires him to be creative, especially for updating his blog for his fiance and him which is metro-themed.

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