E-Commerce Site: Vat19

Site name: Vat19

URL: http://www.vat19.com/

Site description:

About Vat19.com

In 2001, Vat19.com was launched to promote the sale of our line of independent DVD productions. Popular series such as the Ambient DVDs quickly opened opportunities for Vat19 to leverage its web presence beyond merely selling its own products.

In 2005, in preparation for the busy holiday season, Vat19 introduced its first non-DVD product. Its fireplace-scented candles were an instant hit with its large customer base of video fireplace customers. So, the wise sages at Vat19.com began to search the world for other, “curiously awesome” products to promote.

Audience: “Purveyors of the Curiously Awesome Products.” Consumers who are interested in unusual and unique products.

Business/Site Goals: To make shopping entertaining and fun. To present unique products beautifully and abstractly.

Technologies used: Javascript, HTML5, Flash

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